Frequently Asked Questions


How often can I receive the Conquest completion reward?
You only receive the Conquest completion reward once (subject to change at a later date).

My MP3's for Sounds of the Show aren't showing up in the SOTS menu?
The MP3 files on a usb thumb stick must be placed in a folder called Music.

How do I qualify for a loyalty reward?
You must have played an online game (either Diamond Dynasty, or PlayNow) in MLB 15 The Show to qualify for a Loyalty Reward card.

Where do I redeem my stubs?
  1. Proceed to the Main Menu
  2. Select "My Locker"
  3. Select "Show Shop"
  4. Select "Purchase or Redeem"
  5. Notice the different quantities of Stubs
  6. Under the "5000 Stubs" tab, you should see the prompt "FOR USE" - these are the Stubs you can now redeem.
I just started a game and I'm stuck in an exhibition game.
During the game's download and installation process, you are able to play an exhibition game consisting of Kansas City Royal vs the New York Mets. This download and installing process can be quite lengthy (possibly over 5 hours).

My digital download progress has stopped. What can I do?
  1. Press the PlayStation button on your controller
  2. Navigate to Notifications
  3. Navigate to Downloads
  4. Find MLB The Show 16 download progress
  5. Pause, and then resume the download
  6. If that fails, restart your console.
Where do I enter my pre-order codes?
  1. Press the Playstation button on your controller
  2. Navigate to the Playstation Store
  3. Scroll down and select "Redeem Codes".
Once that's done:
  1. Go to the Main Menu
  2. Navigate to the Quick Menu by pressing the touch pad button
  3. Enter the "Show Shop"
  4. Select to "Purchase or Redeem" and you should be able to redeem your items
  5. Return to main menu and select "My Locker"
  6. Select "Inventory"
  7. Select "Open Packs" and your redeemed packs should be found there.
My pre-order packs aren't showing up. Why?
  1. Go to
  2. Click the Stubs icon in the top right of the website, next to your username
  3. Press the blue button that says Redeem
  4. Now, back in MLB The Show 16, go into your inventory, and everything you have redeemed should be in your "open packs" menu.
I purchased the Digital Deluxe edition but I only have 1 Opening Day pack?
Go to the PSN store, and press the redeem button three separate times.

What does the "C" icon mean on certain cards?
It means the specific card meets the requirements for a Captain mission.

I was banned. Can I make another account and contact someone about it?
No - Do not make another account to circumvent moderator activity. Doing so may put you in a worse situation! If you want to talk to someone about your ban, please email and provide the information you feel is necessary.

I think I found someone who is cheating. Should I post about it here on the forums?
No. We ask that you do not post about it here on the forums. If you suspect someone of cheating, please email with your information and we'll look into it.

I found a bug! What do?
You can submit a bug report by clicking on the Bug Report link above.

Who should I contact if I have questions?
Before you contact anyone, make sure you've used the search tool first as your question may have already been answered. If you can't find anything that way, your best bet would be sending a message to someone listed under the Community team. Please keep in mind that we cannot promise to respond to every private message, but we’ll certainly try our best to get back to you when we can.

Can I private message a developer?
Yes, but developers are very busy - Don’t take it personal if you don't hear back! You might have better luck contacting someone from the Community team, instead. You can find a list of all the community team members and developers who have a presence on the forums here.

Does the community team work at San Diego Studios with the Developers?
Yes. We’re all one big happy family here. And when the community team is not lurking on the forums we’re cheerfully engaged elsewhere, helping improve The Show in any way we possibly can.

I won the Challenge of the Week! Who will be contacting me regarding the prizes?
TheShowBaseball will be the one contacting you through PSN - no one else. If you get contacted by someone who is NOT TheShowBaseball, please email and alert immediately.