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Any non-draft, simulated leagues out there?

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  • Any non-draft, simulated leagues out there?

    I am looking for a non-draft, simulated league. Either new or existing. I prefer no balks but will try to be patient and HOF but will consider any settings. If existing league, please let me know settings and teams available. Im not too picky with teams.

    I currently play DD and play about 2-3 games a night. But now I run into a lot of bunting and teams stacked with rookies and flashback cards which is ruining the fun for me. I just prefer simulated leagues. Please let me know. Can download any app used to msg. PM me

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    We're the league for you! We are currently in Season 2 playoffs with a look to start offseason next week. Currently I have 5 teams open (Reds, Padres, Brewers, and Phillies). I know those don't sound like super teams, but there has been some roster turnover and free agency is just a week away. We're a competitive and active league (many of us have been together for 7+ seasons dating back to last year). HOF settings. Come join us!


    • #3 My league website. JG1325 is my psn. Contact me.