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  • Can Am Beisbol League

    Can Am Beisbol League

    With Madden and many other games on the verge of taking over the sports gaming landscape, I thought I'd ask if any of you would like to partake in a competitive online MLB Franchise. I am looking at 20 teams, first come, first served for teams. The league will be a draft league, with hopes of running it multiple seasons (draft accordingly)

    The draft date will be set in a few days, at that time the draft date will be announced. Just wanted to gauge interest before getting more in depth. All members must attend the draft.

    Please click the link to view the settings for the league.



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    If this doesn't work out for you come look at our league....


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      Draft tentatively set for Wednesday August 17th at 10pm EST.
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        I'll join. I will take the Reds if available. Never been in one of these before, but love to play online. Is their simulation, or cpu play if someone isn't available. How does it work?


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          Please add me Tha-Real-TMAN.

          In the event of someone being inactive, every action will be made to get the game played. No CPU's in league, and if in the event no game can be completed a sim will take place or depending on the situation a resolve.