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I need a league active through Madden

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  • I need a league active through Madden

    I am not a Madden player, so i am looking for a league that will be active through Madden. I prefer HOF settings. I like the 16 team, 32 game format as i feel like it keeps people engaged and active and allows for multiple seasons. I am open to mostly anything except ridiculous amount of games like 80+. I play fair and sim.

    If you have an active league that is planning to go multiple seasons, hit me up. I am open to most teams. My PSN is Nathan_Strubel18. I prefer groupme.

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    Hey saw you are looking for a league. We are making a draft league hopefully draft tomorrow. Mature league Sim as well and zone only. We have balks on stile zone off guess pitch off and Hof 29 games. Let me know if want in psn is ruel93 probly easiest way to get hold of me


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      We also have group me in the league