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    Please if your not 30 years old DON'T waste your time applying! It's nothing personal but we prefer the older crowd for this online franchise.

    If you have plans of running your own online franchise or currently a commissioner of a MLB THE SHOW online franchise DON'T waste your time applying you will not be accepted. I never understood why a commissioner of another online franchise would want to play in another persons online franchise other than steal all of there owners or work making it easier for them to start there own.

    MLB on FOX: Online franchise is making it's return in 2017

    I am putting a MLB The Show 17 Online Franchise together for PS4 only that will start ? - ? - 2017 (Date has not been confirmed as rosters will begin being being worked on starting 3/28/2017).

    * The teams will be given by where you currently lived or a team closest to where you live to prevent guys from only taking the top teams. (No Exceptions!)

    * This league will be active with our owners playing just 3 to 4 games a week (that's only one 3 or 4 game series).

    * I will be looking for mature adults 30 years or older only who play this game realistically. Myself I am 46 years old and looking for other older gamers who want to be in a simulation style MLB online franchise with other older guys like myself who play with class.

    * I have a set of mandatory rules everyone must follow each game that we have been using since MLB 2K7.

    * This MLB THE SHOW 17 online franchise will begin with my very own 2017 OPENING DAY ROSTERS. We will be using my MLB on FOX ROSTERS that I work on by myself.

    The link above you can go review my work and the kind of rosters you can expect.

    I will go to all 30 MLB official teams websites and make sure everyone has there correct jersey #, height, weight, position and equipment based off player profiles using Then I will add any missing players that I find in the free agents or need to be created for any of the MLB, AAA, AA, and Single A teams to give all teams there real life players. I will keep the rosters updated through the course of the season with what's going during the current 2017 MLB season.

    "I am real big on common courtesy and sportsmanship. This MLB THE SHOW 17 online franchise is all about FAIR PLAY"

    Online Franchise Settings:

    * Name: MLB on FOX

    * Franchise Sign-Up: Private

    * Division Type: Divisional

    * Number Of Teams: 30

    * Number Of Playoff Teams: 10

    * World Series Length: 7

    * Championship Series Length: 7

    * Division Series Length: 5

    * Wildcard Series Length: 1

    * Total Games: 162

    * Schedule Type: Series [Manual]

    * Minimum Player Skill Level: Rookie

    * Maximum Player Skill Level: Legend

    * Player Draft: Off

    * DH Type: Auto

    * Allow Trades: Off

    * Allow Free Agents: Off

    * Allow Legend Free Agents: Off

    * Hitting Difficulty: All Star (We use custom sliders for the most realistic game play)

    * Pitching Difficulty: All Star
    (We use custom sliders for the most realistic game play)

    * Innings: 9

    * Guess Pitch: Off

    * Quick Counts: Off

    * Strike Zone: Off

    * Hot Zones: Off

    * Balks: Off (To be turned off to prevent game freezing up or having online issues)

    * Umpire Balls And Strikes: Variable

    * Ejections: On

    * Injuries: On

    * Presentation Mode: Broadcast or Hybrid (Depending on the options that returned)

    * 5 Man Pitching Rotations

    * 25 Man Active Roster

    * 40 Man Rosters

    * Hitting: Directional

    * Pitching: Classic

    * Franchise Sliders: Custom (Sliders are fully tested for 30 days to offer the very best game play)

    * 2017 Major League Baseball Schedule

    * You Must Be The Age Of 30 or Older

    * You Must Have your PS4 Hard Wired

    * You Must Own & Use A Mic For All Games

    * You Must Use All Settings Set By The Commissioner

    If your wanting to be a part of MLB on FOX you can message me here using the correct format.


    In MLB on FOX teams are assigned by using this MAP above and where the new member is currently living. If a member lives in a location that does not have a team the next closest team will be given to them. If your city's team is already taken then the next closest team will be given to you.
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    Psn: borgess84
    Age: 50
    City: Belleville, Michigan


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      If anyone is interested in joining you can now fill out a membership application.


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        Definitely interested in this!

        PSN: RCH08
        AGE: 32
        City: PHX, Arizona


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          Hey, I filled out a membership application.
          PSN: DubbyDubbs
          Age - 31
          City: Toronto, Canada


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            Count me in!

            PSN: tocooks
            Age - 30
            City Toronto Canada


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              Originally posted by tocooks View Post
              Count me in!

              PSN: tocooks
              Age - 30
              City Toronto Canada
              How many leagues are you trying to join?


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                Originally posted by Houston-Brewer View Post

                How many leagues are you trying to join?
                Just this one


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                  I will be posting a updated team owner list once the game is out and I begin the live chat sessions.