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Looking for an MLB The Show 17 Franchise

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  • Looking for an MLB The Show 17 Franchise

    My name is Tim and I am 29 years old. I am an avid baseball fan and have grown up watching the games and playing myself. I played in a franchise last season, but due to half of the members not returning, the league closed up so now I am in the market for a new league with a close nit community that is competitive and fun, but in the spirit of the game.

    I am looking to play as either the Dodgers (grew up watching games in Dodger Stadium in CA), Mets (thanks to my dad growing up watching Mets games back east, this is my other favorite team), or the Rangers (only in a non drafted league, as my buddy's cousin is Keone Kela so I enjoy pitching with his cousin).

    If there are any league openings for the above teams, please let me know! And best of luck to everyone on the coming MLB The Show 17 season!