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NEW DRAFT LEAGUE - Draft Thursday Night

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  • NEW DRAFT LEAGUE - Draft Thursday Night

    It's official guys. I am starting a 10 or more team Fantasy Draft League.

    The Draft will be tomorrow, Thursday around 10pm PST (an hour from now). The settings will be: All Star difficulty for pitching/hitting/fielding. Everything OFF except Balks and SZ. Meaning NO Guess Pitch, NO Hot Zones but Strike Zone will be visible pre pitch. Free Agents and Trades OFF since you are drafting your whole squad.

    We got 8 solid owners locked in for tomorrow's draft, with a few invites pending. Please reply or message me here or on PSN (same name) ASAP if you are interested.

    There may be a vetting process but if I know you or you have been posting here for a long time then you get the green light.

    Look forward to draft night

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    I sent you a PM, but I figured I would reply here as well. Hoping to get one of those last open spots, thanks.



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      Cool! I will add you to the PSN chat. The Draft will be tonight around 10pm. Once everybody is on.


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        Sounds great man. Thanks for letting me join!! Really looking forward to playing regularly with you guys.