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Realistic SIM League - Has seen great success since MLB 14

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  • Realistic SIM League - Has seen great success since MLB 14

    Hello everyone, I am Fabby.

    I am the commissioner of a franchise called No Quitters v3
    We have a strong group of about 20 serious, committed and competitive players. This will be 3rd straight year for this franchise (v3). We usually start up after Madden has been released to insure we have the most active group possible. The last two years we have seen great success and with that have had numerous requests to start it up early this year.

    We use GROUPME as our communication source throughout the league.

    Franchise settings
    Hall of fame
    strike zone off
    Guess pitch off
    Balks on

    Scheduling and games played will be voted on by the 30 users chosen to start the league.

    Our franchise rules, are very detailed and can be viewed once brought into the league recruiting chat on GROUPME.

    We currently are forming and taking lists of top teams preferred for each user. If you are interested please respond with your PSN, top 3-5 teams, and GROUPME information.

    Feel free to contact me anytime at Fabby27 either by PSN or GROUPME.
    If that doesn't suffice you can always reply to this post.

    Each candidate will be put through a rigorous interview process to insure they are a good fit for this league.

    Thanks for your interest,

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    I'm interested in joining this league, my PSN is Chums42. My groupme email is and my top team is the Reds. Assuming y'all are using current rosters my next team would be the A's. If you are using a downloaded roster with top prospects, my third ideal team is the Astros. If not I would like to take the Dodgers.


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      For all of those interested, league has gotten off to a great start with the majority of teams over halfway done with the first season. That being said it is time to replace those teams that fell behind and are struggling to get caught up. We are looking for 3 active users to devote an average of 10 games a week. If that sounds like you please reach out to me!! The following teams are open and looking to fill them quickly.



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        Correct teams looking to replace:



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          Currently heading into the playoffs. Looking to replace the Reds. League is pushing a head of schedule with many teams on pace to completely finish the 58 game schedule, including some that already have. If you are looking for a legit SIM league that is very active. Please contact me!!