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PS4 20 Man League To Start ASAP

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  • PS4 20 Man League To Start ASAP

    Starting a Sim league with no BS like bunting over and over cheap crap!! We will have rules and commissioners in place to help out so things run smooth.

    There will be a limit on SB's, Bunts and so on.

    Our Site will offer:
    Players of the week/day
    Power ranks
    Game recaps
    Playoff bracket
    Yearly Awards
    and so much more...

    I am also looking for someone to help with the rosters, like which one's to download.
    Send me a email for the site url:

    So if you are looking for a league that will feel like the majors hit me up on PSN: Dokken or post here ur info
    like groupme,text,email ect..

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    sign me up you know im no lobby bull**** player and i abide by rules that are put in place you have my groupme name Frank Saldorino
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      I'm interested if I can get the Reds. groupme email is and psn is Chums42