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Would like to join an online franchise as the Tigers...

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  • Would like to join an online franchise as the Tigers...

    If anyone has a league with the Tigers available hit me up on here. I don't care for guess pitch and will play on allstar or veteran. I been playing diamond dynasty since the day it came out in 2012. I see alot of leagues are 18 and over, well im 42 and probably will be the old man of the bunch, lol. Always wanted too do one of these. I would be good for a game or 2 a day. Contact me here or I play under ID chrisdubay02. I also have a facebook in which I saw some leagues require. Would also be interested in a 16 to 30 team draft. You won't have to wait on me too get games in.

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    Check out the post for our league
    Crack of the Bat '16. Tigers have recently come available. Psn ccort2027


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      I am currently fighting a ban. Its all over the forum. I've made millions of stubs legitly. Hopefully they are going to check all 950 of my transaction pages to find that I accumulated every card and stub legitly. I am interested, waiting to get this straightened out and lift my ban.


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        hey, we have a draft league that is starting soon. check us out at & let me know if u r interested. thanks


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          got tigers open in a fresh league if you're interested. mgn19xx on psn