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THE SHOW LEAGUE (PS4 Draft LG Season 2)

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  • THE SHOW LEAGUE (PS4 Draft LG Season 2)

    We have a few open spots in a 16 Team fantasy drafted league, Season 2 has just begun - season is 30 games long and usually lasts 3-4 weeks before moving to playoffs. We use groupme as main source of communication. Our rules are below, please contact me here or on PS4 if you're interested or just want to know more.

    Hall of Fame Difficulty
    Strike zones off
    Balks On


    We are trying to play baseball how it is played in real life and not take advantage of video game glitches, please share if you think there are other rules needed or any other input.
    1. Bunting
    Bunting should be used in a sim manner (Sacrifices to stay out of double play, Suicide Squeeze, Bunting for a Single) are all legitimate bunt situations. HOWEVER, this will be regulated as follows:
    1. You can not bunt with 2 strikes and no one on base.
    2. No consecutive bunts. (you cannot bunt with back to back players.)
    3. You cannot steal third and bunt with the batter as the defense glitches everytime.
    2. Rotation - Please follow the 4 man Rotation. Starting at least 4 pitchers. You can spot start another pitcher not in your rotation. Your pitchers should have similar Game Started stat, if this is out of balance at end of season there will be a player suspension.
    3. Disconnects - If you and your opponent disconnect or freeze you have 2 choices: Replay the game in its entirety or Start new game and keep the previous score and inning (i.e: we played 6 innings i was up 3-2 and the game froze, we start a new game and play 3 innings keeping in mind the previous score.)
    IF your game disconnects after the 6th inning, you must go straight to relief pitching and not use your starter.
    4. Quitting is not permitted - if you do quit you will forfeit the series with said opponent.
    5. Intentionally Hitting batters - Hitting batters is part of the game, however if you are grieving (Intentionally hitting multiple hitters) Your top players may be subject to a suspension.
    6. Roster
    1. You must have at least 4 bench position players and at least two catchers on your MLB roster.
    2. You cannot trade a player you traded for or signed in FA in the same season.
    3. A player can only play his Position and his secondary positions. You are not allowed to put a player in a position that is not on his card.
    4. Players must have a minimum overall rating of 71 to be on a MLB roster, extenuating circumstances may allow for this to be waived (ex: injured player) Please contact a commish before adding one of these players to your roster
    5. PLAYOFF ROSTER must be set at the BEGINNING of the series and no other roster moves may be made unless it is to replace an injured player. Every series you can adjust roster. If this is broken you may forfeit the series.