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  • Active League looking for 2

    We are in season 2 of a very active 30 man league. We've had a couple fellas that wasn't cut out to play good, hard, competitive baseball and quit.

    Yankees 2-4 (roster relatively untouched)
    Pirates 7-16 (no Cole or Harrison).

    We are in Week 3 of a 6 week season (OSFM v1.0 rosters). We require 5 games played a week, and 30 games total played to be eligible for playoffs.

    Our League - HOF
    Pitch Difficulty: HOF
    Fielding Difficulty: HOF
    Strike Zone: ON
    Hot Zones: OFF
    Guess Pitch: OFF
    Trades: YES (Approved by Committee)
    Schedule: 58 games, open scheduling

    Groupme is required.

    Interested? Send me your groupme info to my psn (schmerp) and we'll go from there.

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    Are the Yankees still available?


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      group me is im looking for an active HOF sim league since the one im in is dwindling down. ill be around for the next few hours till work


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        Just sent you a message on PSN. Clear_SPE. Groupme info is included. Id love the Pirates if they Re available.