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Ultimate Baseball League Looking To Replace Inactives

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  • Ultimate Baseball League Looking To Replace Inactives

    Hey everyone, we have 1 SPOT OPEN to fill our league. Must have GroupMe for communication purposes. We ask each team to play 7-10 games a week minimum. The more games a week, the better.

    Franchise Rules:
    • Franchise Player Rule: Each team MUST name two players on your team before starting games that will be known as your "franchise" players or "untouchables". These two players will not be open to trade. We use this rule to keep it as realistic as possible.
    • Trades: Need approval from the commissioners. Majority vote rules.
    • Maximum of 5 trades for each team a season.
    • Must use five man rotation until playoffs.
    • Only 5 bunts per game. Successful or not. If it's in play, it counts towards your bunts. No bunting if you're up by more than 3 runs.
    • If a player concedes, you MUST accept it.
    • You can't switch a pitcher in the middle of an AB.
    • We play on All-Star difficulty.
    CURRENT TEAMS AVAILABLE:If you have any other questions, please message me on my PSN: JStarr022. I will answer you ASAP as I have the PS4 messenger on my iPhone.

    Thanks everyone!
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