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This is kind of embarrassing - I can't hit doubles

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  • This is kind of embarrassing - I can't hit doubles

    Kind of a crappy first post to make and I wasn't sure which section to post it but I'm having trouble hitting doubles with the blue jays nonetheless.. I'm using armour and swords sliders except keeping human foul frequency at 5. Hitting using directional and flick for the analog type. I'm hoping someone can tell me which part of the zone I should be looking for the ball, I'm guessing up? And pressing the analog either diagonal left or right (?) while pressing x for a normal swing. Any help would be appreciated as I'm tied for dead last in the league with the lowly rays with 17 some 20 games in. Thanks guys

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    Guess pitch. You know the square at the bottom? Thats were its gonna go. Then hammer with power swing. O course, this only works on begginer unless you want to strike out 50,000 times (like the orioles)