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OSFM 2016 World Series Update (With SCEA ratings)

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  • OSFM 2016 World Series Update (With SCEA ratings)

    Name: OSFM World Series Update, Username: SideEffect34, Date: 10/25/16. Now in the Roster Vault.

    It includes all transactions, updated SCEA ratings, and rosters, pitching rotations and lineups updated as of today. 25 Man Rosters so they are Franchise ready.

    This roster set uses RidinDwnKingsley’s OSFM as its base and has been a LONG work in progress! It has most top players off the disabled list and on the major league roster. All transactions and MLB, AAA, AA rosters, lineups and pitching rotations are up-to-date. Used recent lineups, MLB Depth Charts, Baseball Reference, and more.

    I’ve updated the roster with all 27 of SCEA’s weekly roster updates so ALL player attribute ratings, including potentials, are updated and ALL SCEA player additions included. Whichever version of a player with the best face was used, as SCEA player additions would often have bad faces. No SCEA player update missed.

    Full equipment updates for 25/30 MLB teams. Did not have time for the Tigers, Twins, A’s, Mariners, and Astros.
    • Correct MLB Player Jersey Numbers
    • AAA and AA rosters overhauled and updated. You won’t see any Single A/A+ players on AAA/AA teams, except for a few teams where an AA team didn’t have enough AA players in the game
    • Minor League rotations and closers updated via’s stats page.
    • 2016 Draft 1st Round Prospects included
    • Many released players who were missed in OSFM updates are released
      • All releases reflected in game except some of the recent players who just filed for free agency after the season
    • Retired Players and many released MiLB Free Agents removed
    • Many Player Additions and Face Updates from other rosters included
    • Player position changes updated where necessary
    • MLB Pitching rotations based on the team’s Opening Day rotation order
    Happy World Series Game Day!