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  • MLB The Show 17 Wishlist/Suggestions

    From an avid 67 year old enthusiast ........

    Easy Additions:

    ​1) Roster File Version to Version transfers.
    ​2) Complete Team File Export/Import (MLB Level at minimum).
    ​3) Player Appearance Tabs Export/Import capability.
    4) Stirrups Medium Level selection (in-between Low & High).
    ​5) Helmet Flaps editable to "None" on all helmets types or ability to select Basic style for all editable players.
    ​6) Helmet Style editable to "None" to all only Caps while batting as used prior to the early '60s.
    ​7) Catchers Mask Older Style versions.
    ​8) Catchers Chest Protector Older Style versions.
    ​9) Catchers Leg Guards Older Style versions.
    ​10) Cleats Older Style versions.
    ​11) Remove Retired #s restrictions
    ​12) Editable Service Times
    ​13) Add Hairstyle for Flattop/Crewcut

    More Difficult Additions:

    ​1) Ability to switch leagues between Houston & Milwaukee with adjusted schedule impact.
    ​2) Customizable Division Setups with adjusted schedule impact.
    ​3) Customizable Playoff Bracket setups relative to past historical setups.
    4) Increased Dugout cutaway scenes during gameplay.
    ​5) Increased Old Time Stadiums.
    ​6) Increased Old Time Uniforms perhaps at least 1 set per past decades.
    ​7) Customizable Team City & Mascot Names like Brooklyn, Montreal, California, Browns, Colt .45s, Pilots, Expos etc.
    ​8) Extended 7th Innings Stretch music/scenes even possible stadium specific ones.
    9) Pre-Game outside stadium scenes and commentary about upcoming game specifics.
    ​10) Increased current League Standings, Leaders etc graphics during gameplay.
    ​11) Allow 4 Man Starting Rotations

    ​Fabulous Game as is but certainly can be improved to reach larger target markets.
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