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Please help a french player

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  • Please help a french player

    Sorry for this question but I'm new in The Show Nation and I'd like to know how to edit rosters in OPTIONS and ROSTER CONTROL.

    My only baseball game so far was MLB 2K11 on Xbox 360 and it was easy on it.

    In fact, I'd like to make my own roster.

    How "rosters makers" do their job and publish it in the vault ?

    I'm looking for a solution for days but I'm unable to find an answer on Youtube, forums...

    Thanks for your help guys

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    It's quite easy in The Show as well.

    First....decide which "base" roster you want to use.
    Since you cannot import real players from SCEA have to make sure the players you want that are not editable are already in your base set.
    You then can either directly edit players after you load the roster you want to work on.
    Load the roster....then go to CREATE & EDIT player on the OPTIONS screen.
    Click on the player you want to edit and then save both the player(s) and then make sure to save the ROSTER as well.
    You will need to load it and continue after each batch of players you make and then save(if you leave the roster edit section)

    You can also import players onto that roster(the option to do so is in the ROSTER CONTROL section(same OPTIONS front end tab).
    You can overwrite any player.
    Once Vault it....just go into the ROSTER VAULT...the option to upload is there.



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      Thanks for explanations but how do you trade players between teams and how do you release or sign free agents ?


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        When editing rosters....all swaps(trades and free agent moves) must be one for one.
        It's in the ROSTER CONTROL section.....PLAYER MOVEMENT.
        From can cycle through all the teams and the three FA lists.

        You can also export and import players(only editable players) from there as well.
        So let's say you have a group of players that someone else created on another long as they are fully editable non SCEA created players, you can export them to your HDD...and then load the roster you want to work on and import them onto that one.
        Remember to save.
        You can import over ANY player(but once you overwrite a "real" player....he's gone)



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          Thank you very much Knight165 !

          In fact, I finally figured out the way to do because of you.

          I swap player I need to trade against the weakest player of the other team at same post.

          Now, I able to succeed all transactions I want and I move non signed free agents to class-A and removed them from 40 man roster.

          That way my rosters are the most realistic I want.

          Thank you so much


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            You are very welcome.
            If you have any questions....feel free to ask and I'll help you if possible.

            Good luck and welcome aboard!