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Creating players for game.

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  • Creating players for game.

    Every time I try to create a player I make them too good. For example I wanted to create Alex Blandino for my reds minor league team. I wanted him about 65 to 67, he ended up a 78. Is there a league average baseline for statistics of position players and pitchers. Also why no way to import new players from roster update to your franchise. I usually start my season over 20 times and never fimish. This would revolutionize the game. (Apologies for grammatical errors).

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    I would look at another players attributes that has the overall rating of 65-67. I know what you mean though. I have found that overall ratings can be boosted easily, for example: If a created player has good speed and a high steal rating. He may not be a great fielder or hitter, but his overall rating will be descent. I hope that makes sense.