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#ShowSerious Full Minors 40-man Rosters

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  • #ShowSerious Full Minors 40-man Rosters

    Hello everybody,

    I created a thread for this over at OS as well, basically I'm just looking to get as much feedback and/or assistance as possible from other roster creators/franchise players out there in the show commmunity.

    I just uploaded my third edition of what I'm calling the '#ShowSerious Full Minors 40-man rosters.

    I would ultimately like to have this first post updated with a list of rules that I follow when updating these rosters. It is a bit overwhelming to try to expand on everything that I am hoping to achieve with these rosters, so for now I suppose that instead of making a long list of features I try hard to include, I'll try to post some pics and media from a new franchise startup of mine and let you be the judge of whether you'd like to know more or download it for yourself.

    I am open to any suggestions, corrections, comments/questions, etc. Positive or negative, doesn't matter to me. As for any comments about ratings, please consider that the ratings/potentials are intended for hardcore franchise sims, please give the whole pool of players a look over before you worry about a particular players rating and consider the somewhat significant effects that player morale/franchise mode progression will have on each players raw attributes are considered as well.