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St. Louis Cardinals, team, and player ratings

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  • St. Louis Cardinals, team, and player ratings

    Every year I feel like the cardinals never get the credit they deserve on this game. We won a 100 games last year and had the best pitching staff in baseball but according to the game we are the 16th best team. We sit behind teams that flopped last year like the Red Sox and nationals, and other teams who just didn't make the playoffs like the Mariners who are rated 8th, Cleveland, and the white sox. The Pirates somehow are the 22nd best team, which I don't understand at all, and royals who won the WS are 12th. While I do understand that teams have changed during the offseason, I don't understand how Toronto who has a lot of power don't get me wrong but a questionable pitching staff is a top 5 team. Trevor story has been a huge part of the Rockies this year but he's a 76 and is hitting .294/ slugging .804 in 51 AB's. Jeremy Hazelbaker is hitting .394 and slugging .818 in 33 AB's and is a 70. I understand that there is a 18 AB differential but Bryce Harper only has 39 AB's and Hazelbaker is ahead of him. Not saying he is better then Harper just saying idk how he's a 70. Also Aledmys Diaz is hitting .406 and slugging .813 in 32 AB's. Also I don't really understand how Randal Grichuk has a potential of 80 when he can run, has arm strength, and power potential. The guy had a higher slugging vs R last year (.562) then Donaldson, cespedes, Pujols, and upton (.552, .551, .483, .493) but has a 66 power against righties. Also piscotty who has a potential of 82 and is rated a 77 hit .305, had a .359 OBP, and had 26 XBH last year in 233 AB's, Francisco Lindor had a .313 avg, .353 OBP, and 38 XBH hits in 390 AB's which is almost 160 more but he's a 85 and has a 98 potential and I think his potential should be higher but I don't think their ratings should be that far apart. Also we have been on a massive power surge this year, even though it's against teams that won't make the playoffs I would like to see the player ratings actually show it. Also even though I am a cardinals fan, Andrew McCutchen deserves a better power rating, 63 against righties is to low. Also I like how Justin uptons power numbers went up from the end of last years game somehow but jay Bruce is still in the 60's even though he has more power then that. Overall I just feel like some of the teams aren't getting the credit the deserve and a lot of the players aren't getting any credit.