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Marlins need some roster updates

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  • Marlins need some roster updates

    Yelich is batting .340 and is sitting at 78 overall. He has a 69 contact rating vs. LHP when he's been hitting .350 vs LHP. He also needs a bump in PWR since he's had a 28.6% HR/FB ratio this season, same a Brandon Drury who is at 24% and has a PWR rating of 61 and 58.

    Prado is batting .396 and is at 79 overall. He has a 70 contact vs. RHP when he's been hitting .375 vs RHP. He also only has a 55 fielding when he's proven to be a plus defender having had nine DRS saved last year, two this year and has a UZR/150 of 10.9 and 19.5 last year and this year respectively.

    Conley has pitched very well also, having taken a no hitter into the 8th inning and then shutout Arizona in his next start. His stamina remains an unrealistic 67 and his K/9 also remains low at 66 when he has a 9.46 K/9 rate, better than Matt Moore and Carlos Rodon, both who have a 75 K rating.