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Some Questionable Attribute Ratings on Official Rosters...

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  • Some Questionable Attribute Ratings on Official Rosters...

    Starling Marte with only 83 arm strength is an absolute crime. How he's not amongst the top 10 in the entire game is mind-boggling. His arm is definitely up there with some of the best. HE hasn't had too many chances to make a Cespedes or Puig throw, but he shows he can definitely throw it HARD. (He doesn't even TRY here...)

    Nick Ahmed is another one. Not sure how his defensive ratings aren't through the roof here... His DRS the past two seasons has been outstanding and his UZR is at a gold glove level. 76 fielding and 74 arm strength is beyond a crime.

    Also noticed Ryan Zimmerman has 87 fielding? Really? 87? Why? He's been bad as a fielder for a long time now. He went from excellent fielder to below-average about 5 years ago and never recovered. There's a reason he was moved to 1B... and even then; he below-average. How he's above 70 shocks me.

    Those are just glaring ones I can remember off the top of my head. I know I've seen a few others "HUH" ones otherwise...

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    It's prolly cause the people handling attributes have never played baseball nor are the watching it right now. Just looking at numbers on a spreadsheet