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  • All Time Greats roster

    I'm going to be creating an All Time Greats roster again this year.

    The players will mostly be ported over from my All Time Greats roster from last year although there are quite a few edits from last year. For those not familiar with last year's roster each team will contain the top players of all time for each franchise. Some franchises that have been around for decades and decades like the Yankees, Twins, White Sox, etc will have 90 players on the roster while some franchises that are relatively new like the Rays, Dbacks, Rockies, etc will have 50 players or so. Each player will only be allowed on one team so someone like a Frank Robinson for example can not be on both the Reds and Orioles (for the record he's on the Orioles).

    I've got the AL East done and am digging into the AL Central now. I should be able to get this done and uploaded to the vault in a few weeks.

    Stay tuned!

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    I've got most of the all time great players ported from MLB15 to MLB16. I have to create a few players that retired after last season seeing as they are no longer SCEA players in the game. I am also going to go through and set each player's hometown, make sure the shoes and bats are set right, and then I'll do some simming to make sure things look right. Once that's done, perhaps in a week or two, I'll release the roster to the vault.

    After that I'll begin working on porting HISTORIC ROSTER 90-00 to MLB16.


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      Glad to hear of your progress as your roster sets are top notch in my books ............ especially all your dual decade era ones.

      ​I have found, while transferring roster sets to 16 from 15, that a good number of players all of a sudden have sunglasses.

      I have also discovered a hand full of new batters follow through selections as well as a few new running styles to choose from.

      There is also a new selection for catchers chest protector which is shoulder pad less which is good for older ball players when there weren't any of those.

      Plus the cleat & bats as you mentioned need attention.

      Other than those things I find the transfer from 15 to 16 has improved over the 14 to 15 process.

      Take Care & Thanks for all you have done .............


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        I'm glad you mentioned the sunglasses, I'll make sure to check on those while I'm checking on the cleats and bats. I'll also check out the catcher's chest protector and will set them as needed.

        I am setting a few player's running styles if they were a big lumbering type of player. Other than that I wast thinking of leaving each player's running style to what is defaulted. Do you think it's worth setting all player's running style?

        Same thing with follow through. Do you think it's worth setting all player's follow through?



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          ​Funny you used the term "Lumbering" as that is the precise term I have jotted down in my notes for that Running Style 3 selection.

          Since you asked I am more than happy to share with you my feelings on what's worth spending time adjusting.

          1) Speedsters, Lumbering Guys & Players that really gave it everything they had are worthy of Running Style adjustments.

          Here are how I characterized the available Running Styles:
          Running Style 1: Long Stride Up Straight (the typical/NORMAL used from MLB 15)
          Running Style 2: Long Stride Arms Moving Bent Swaying (SPEEDSTERS or at least fast runners)
          Running Style 3: LUMBERING Up ....... Slow guys
          Running Style 4: Long Stride Arms Leaning Forward giving it all they got

          As I went through checking & changing Bats/Sunglasses etc. I adjusted Running Styles for those I knew as Speedsters, Slow, and those that gave it their all.

          2) Follow Through settings really only had one absolute worthy adjustment and that was Two-Handed Style 2 for SINGLES type hitters. Another one somewhat worthy of adjustment was One-Handed Style 3 which was for those batters that had a real reaching swing style.

          Here are how I characterized the available Follow Through:
          One-handed Style 1: Waist High Head Up Full Swing (the typical/Normal used from MLB 15)
          Two-Handed Style 1: POWER Waist​ High Head Up Full Swing (the typical/Normal used from MLB 15)
          Two-Handed Style 3: Almost SLAP Head Up
          Two-Handed Style 4: Almost SLAP Head Down
          One-Handed Style 2: Full Chest level Head Up
          One-Handed Style 3: Full REACHING
          One-Handed Style 4: Full Head in Shoulder (2 handed most of the way until very end)
          Two-Handed Style 2: SINGLES Waist Full Head down.

          I only took the time to adjust those players that I knew were one of these new types otherwise if I wasn't that familiar for certain regarding a player I left as was.

          The other thing I went back and corrected were Home States/Countries for Starting Pitchers ONLY since during the course of the 50+ games I've watched in MLB 16 they announcers only announce Home State or Country for Starting Pitchers.

          Hope this makes sense to you.


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            Cool, that's good info.

            I'll likely set all Home State/Country for all players. I'll likely also set the lumbering runners, speedsters as well. And of course cleats, bats, sunglasses, etc.



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              Hey guys...biebig2010, I used your All Time roster in MLB15 last year....its pretty incredible... I'd really like to port the roster to MLB16...I know you're working on one...but I dont know how to do this and am having a tough time finding out exactly how to do this....
              I know how to download and load a player into a roster, but I don't know how to get a player from the MLB15 to MLB16....meaning the Player Vault doesn't show MLB15 created I cant download them....I hope I'm making sense.

              Looking forward to your '16 version of the AllTime greats!


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                I'm in the process of porting my All Time Greats MLB15 roster to MLB16. I should be done in a week or so.

                If you try and do this yourself you'll have to create a franchise in MLB15 and make sure Roster Control is on, fire up MLB16 and go continue the franchise from MLB15, export each and every player from the franchise, then import each and every player into a new roster and save the roster. Once that's done you'll have to edit each player to give them the proper hometown and possibly adjust certain pieces of equipment. On top of that, you'll have to create roughly 75 players in MLB16 because they were in the MLB15 All Time Greats roster as SCEA created players but have since retired.

                One other thing, while you're exporting and importing ~2500 players you can only do 25 at a time so it will take multiple passes through each franchise to get all the players imported.

                So, you can either wait a week or so and use the one I upload to the vault or if you think you can do all of the above in less time then go for it and be sure to enjoy in moderation
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                  You are the man!!! Thanks! I'm going to be waiting for your MLB16 version.... My plan is to do just as you instructed (thank you!) in prep for MLB17. I'm going to go out to to validate the stats and tweak the attributes in MLB16 and then export again. If you're interested I'll share my findings from comparing to
                  Thanks once again! I really appreciate it.


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                    is there anyaway you can set the nationals as the senators legends as i don think the nationals are no way affiliated with the montreal expos i mean if they were they'd wear old expo jerseys and the expo jerseys would be in the game
                    Last edited by Wop905; 04-24-2016, 01:38 PM. Reason: by the way biebig2010 your rosters are the best thanks for the all the great life like faces


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                      The original Senators moved to Minnesota in 1961 so pre-1961 Senators are on the Twins roster (assuming they aren't on another team's roster already). The second Senators team, 1961 to 1971, moved to Texas in 1972 so any Senators from 1961-1971 are on the Rangers team (assuming they aren't on another team's roster already). The 2004 Expos players became Nationals players in 2005 so I'm putting Expos players from 1969-2004 on the Nationals roster (assuming they aren't on another team's roster already).

                      Here's a snippet of info on the Nationals...
                      An expansion franchise, the club was founded in 1969 as the Montreal Expos, the first major league team in Canada.[2] They were based in Montreal, Quebec, and played their home games at Jarry Park Stadium and later in Olympic Stadium. During the strike-shortened 1981 season, the Expos won a division championship and made their only post-season appearance as a Montreal franchise, defeating thePhiladelphia Phillies, 3–2, in the National League Division Series, but losing to the Los Angeles Dodgers, 3–2, in the National League Championship Series.
                      The club had its highest winning percentage in the strike-shortened season of 1994, when the team had the best record in baseball. The team's subsequent shedding of players caused fan interest to drop off, and after the 2001 season, MLB considered revoking the team's franchise, along with either the Minnesota Twins or the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.[3][4] After being purchased by MLB in 2002, the team was moved before the 2005 season to Washington, D.C. and renamed the Nationals, the first relocation since the second Washington Senators moved to Arlington, Texas, and became the Texas Rangers in 1972.
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                        yes i know the expos were the nationals but i just thought you may want some input on it.. as the senators jerseys are in the nationals uniforms and not the expos people asked the san diego studios guys and they said that the nationals have no affiliation with the expos i mean what id do is put all the senator legends like walter johnson frank howard and bryce harper etc.. on the nationals and expo legends like gary carter and pedro martinez should be on the mets and red sox but great roster non the less.. hopefully you make alot of national and senator legends cuz i can put that roster together for you with your permission that is..
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                          I think I'll follow the plan outlined above and will be releasing my ALL TIME GREATS roster for MLB16 when I'm done.


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                            Stay the course biebig2010....looking forward to the roster. Best guess ETA?


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                              Best guess is 7-10 days from today but that's a guess at best 8-).