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Adding "Crowd Cheers" and "Crowd Jeers"

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  • Adding "Crowd Cheers" and "Crowd Jeers"

    Can I use mp3s for that aspect of the game? Would I just put them in a folder called "Music" like SOTS? Or would the game be looking for a folder with a different name?

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    I just watched your Twitch video covering the Sounds of the Show and found the answer!

    Everything goes in the "Music" folder but then you assign the files in MLB The Show 16 to the proper category so they can be loaded into the game.

    THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for taking the time to put this back in the game. This is so much fun to do with my friends!!!

    And thanks S0ul_Vacuum for taking the time to answer my question! You're the best!


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      I remember playing MLB the show 12 and 14 on my ps3. They allowed you to use your BT mic to record your cheers and jeers. Obviously they got rid of that ability in 16 the show. So we have to record our custom cheers/jeers and import them that way? Seems like more of a hassle than it's worth..


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        just testing my sig


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