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Artist name lists as "unknown"...?

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  • Artist name lists as "unknown"...?

    I've been playing RTTS since the development of custom music. Its half the reason I even play it. I am one of those ppl that spend days customizing my experience b4 even playing an actual baseball game.

    My point: after importing all my tracks, many of the tracks list as "unknown" rather than the artist's name.
    It doesn't effect the gameplay, however I expect it to have a rather seamless file transfer process.
    Unsuccessful troubleshooting: I have a pc. I went back and made sure all my "artist", "contributing artist" and relative tags are filled. Which helped many. But not all. Out of 150 imported tracks, roughly 25 or more of them remained to have inconsistent tags. Some in all caps, some with combined title and artist, etc.. Many variations... I went as far as downloading a mp3 ID tag software, completely deleting my iPod folders, (attempting to squash any root issues), and imported and deleted said tracks on my ps4, 3 times thinking I was going to have it fixed next time. All tags in my computer are consistently labeled and organized. But the mislabeled tracks remain in Sounds of the Show.
    I figured that was enough. But I figured I'd share my obobsessiveness at an attempt to find a remedy. ...or at least someone that feels my pain.

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    Phro, the reason this is happening is because the information on the file is missing. If your using Windows go to the sound file, right click on it >properties and fill in the info if it's missing. No more unknown artists or songs


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      Yeah, I think it's the Album Artist you need to fill in. I had deleted that from my files thinking it wouldn't make a difference, but then every song showed as Unknown.