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    Okay, so she I initially saw that MLB 16 The Show would have importable music, I was super excited. Upon downloading the game tonight, the first thing I did was try to import my music. When I imported my music, it claimed that I had 46 audio files when in reality I had only 23. After it went through and imported them (please note that they were in sub folders within the music folder), it claimed that only half of them were appropriate for use which seemed to make sense, and I assumed that there was a tiny, inconsequential bug. I was disappointed to find it crash upon trying to edit my playlist of audio that was imported. I then made an attempt to maybe reorganize my audio files hoping that was the cause. I found that one of the audio files was not an MP3, and upon seeing this I deleted the file. I then tried to delete the audio files thinking that perhaps they were corrupt and needed to be deleted. It then crashed again. I continued on trying out a few different things and I have failed to find a way to get my audio to cooperate. What should I do? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    same here. keeps crashing. i hope they get this working.


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      Hello. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Have you submitted this to the bug reporter? We'd greatly appreciate it -
      For support:


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        Just to report the same issue. My son has tried, repeatedly, to use the "Playlist Creator" option and as soon as he tries to edit/assign the songs, the game crashes. I think the error code is the same as somebody else reported in the forum. It looks like a bug, so if anybody finds or know about a solution it will be greatly appreciated.


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          I'm trying to import just five files i acquired by taking them from youtube and using an mp3 converter, putting them on my folder called MUSIC and plugged in the usb to the ps4. It saw i had 5 files but said they were all corrupt and couldn't process them. can anyone offer an explanation for this and a possible solution. i just want the air siren for the orioles, a capitals goal horn and three other songs on there :\


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            can you auction cards?