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Challenge of the Week #33

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  • Challenge of the Week #33

    Week 33 features an AL West matchup between Houston Astro Jose Altuve and Texas Ranger Cole Hamel. The TOP TWENTY FIVE Users on the leader board will win a prize depending on the position you placed on the leader board.
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    Prizes for Week 33
    First Place: Ten (10) 20 Standard Pack +3 silver cards bundle.
    Second Place: Five (5) 20 Standard Pack +3 silver cards bundle.
    Third Place: Five (5) 10 Standard Pack +1 silver card bundle.
    Fourth Place: 35,000 stubs
    Fifth Place: 25,000 Stubs.
    Sixth through twenty fifth Place: 20,000 stubs.
    (Approximate retail value for each prize is less than $400.00)

    This week begins on Monday, November 7th at 5:30am PDT and ends Monday, November 14th, 2016 at 4:30am PDT.

    The following promotion is intended for viewing in the 50 United States and D.C. only and shall only be construed and evaluated according to United States law. Do not proceed in this if you are not a legal resident of, and located in, the 50 United States or D.C. at the time of entry.
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    Told myself I would do this all year, and I think I've done none... but thats A LOT OF PACKS!!!! Might have to zone in and see what I can make happen, 200 packs 30 silvers for 1st, 100 packs 15 silvers for 2nd, 50 packs 5 silvers for 3rd, 35k for 4th - which equates to a 20 bundle, 10 bundle and 5 indy packs, 25k for 5th a 20 bundle and 5 indy packs and placing in the top 25 gets you 20k for a 20 bundle... or you can use the stubs to buy players from 4th-25th...

    any thoughts to adding a challenge of the week from the pitchers perspective in MLB The Show 17?


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      [QUOTE= any thoughts to adding a challenge of the week from the pitchers perspective in MLB The Show 17?[/QUOTE]

      To expand on that, what about head to head challenges? One person is the hitter and the other is the pitcher, and then have a ladder system to get weekly winners. It wouldn't replace the original challenge but could be a simple expansion of the game mode.


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        Hello ShowNation,
        Here are the top 25 winners for Challenge of the Week - Week 33. All DLC items have been applied to your account. Thank you all for playing and be sure to check on the prizes for Week 34.
        1. tgags123
        2. CF008897
        3. PhilG10
        4. BobbY2ChainZ
        5. frieser82
        6. BBergeron5
        7. Cruce14
        8. JDLS079
        9. Rob_Beast24
        10. Philthyvt
        11. Big_Nasty_02
        12. Elak123456789
        13. Frumplemastr
        14. RedDawgs09
        15. TheShowProdigy
        16. BobbyHill
        17. billgreenfield23
        18. TjC49
        19. DatGuyKO
        20. RMB0802
        21. TheEffingAllstar
        22. saluki87
        23. beachkid8
        24. tukitikitaki
        25. tgriffss5