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Challenge of the Week #42

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  • Challenge of the Week #42

    Welcome to Challenge of the Week on MLB The Show 16 - Week 42

    Week 42 features an NL West matchup between Rockies two time All Star Nolan Arenado and Giants two time All Star Johnny Cueto. The TOP TWENTY FIVE users on the leader board will win a prize depending on the position you placed on the leader board.

    Prizes for Week 42
    First Place: 200,000 stubs.
    Second Place: 150,000 stubs.
    Third Place: 100,000 stubs.
    Fourth Place: 50,000 Stubs.
    Fifth Place: 35,000 Stubs.
    Sixth through twenty fifth Place: 25,000 stubs.
    (Approximate retail value for each prize is less than $300.00)

    This week begins on ^c1^Monday, January 9th, 2016 at 5:30am PDT and ends Monday, January 16th, 2016 at 4:30am PDT. To play, simply select the Challenge of the Week option in mini modes from the main menu. Winners will be notified by a "PSN" XMB message on the PS3 System or via private message on the PS4 System. The "PSN" Username that will be contacting all winners will be TheShowBaseball. Leaderboards, rules, prize details and winners can also be found at the home of MLB The Show at Follow MLB The Show on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for future updates and upcoming prizes throughout the season.


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    Hello ShowNation,
    Here are the top 25 winners for Challenge of the Week - Week 42. All DLC items have been applied to your account. Be sure to check on the prizes for Week 43. Week 44 will be our last prize week in Challenge of the Week for MLB The Show 16. Thank you all for playing and we will have more great prizes in MLB The Show 17.
    1. TheShowProdigy
    2. parthvader28
    3. Mr-Steal-Yo-Rug
    4. Its_Lit
    5. DeFLeCTiiOn
    6. JDLS079
    7. BoiseNoise22
    8. akaDelux
    9. Had2PopMe2StopMe
    10. Ascent_Delux
    11. FeelThatPulse
    12. LoganatorH
    13. BigLeagueDinger
    14. Frumplemastr
    15. CoreyPlatt6
    16. TommydaBoss7
    17. Porter2114
    18. millswiz
    19. Philthyvt
    20. CF008897
    21. dudefood27
    22. chendog22
    23. BbaLL_ProDiGY214
    24. MrFredHD
    25. spencer4500