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Will throwing/baserunning be fixed in 17?

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  • Will throwing/baserunning be fixed in 17?

    Just got beat (I mean I gave up a bunch of hits/runs so its not like this was the only reason) because the guy scored 3 runs exploiting the refusal of players to throw home quickly after catching the ball. First time was rookie ortiz (35 speed) from a stop on third when I threw a guy out at second (Lindor wouldn't throw home). Another time late in the game he haad Arod on 3rd (89 speed) and i had infield in. His batter hit a rocket to lindor (and I checked to make sure arod wasn't running before throwing over hard) and Ortiz refusd to throw home to get Arod. I really hope they fix this crap. Sucks to play a good game and lose because the game won't let you preload throws where you want.

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    Yes, the fielding and throwing animation branching system has been revamped so this should happen less often.