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    Originally posted by TheeAtomicPunk View Post
    Just trust that you can play people of any skill level at any time in BR because that is the way it is set up.
    This is also one of the things that draws higher-skill players to BR. They can have a consistently successful runs because they're not constantly running into a barrage of other CS or WS players.


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      Originally posted by MannyJay24 View Post

      I completely understand what you are saying. Ill give you an example of what im referring to. And this is referring stricklty to BR. Say im on my 1st or 2nd win. The game will start looking for an opponent withing a 1300-1500 range. Next the game says it has found an opponent for me withing that range (1300-1500) and when im done playing the game it says that my opponent had a rating way higher than what it said my opponent was before the game started.

      So what would be the point of the ranges while the BR is looking for an opponent?
      The rating they show you at the end of the game is their DD rating and not their BR rating.