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Half tempted to try the swiss, insert please fix bunting rant.

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  • Half tempted to try the swiss, insert please fix bunting rant.

    Happens every month or so, after I swear off BR mode for eternity I say, what the hell I'll give BR another go or two, at this point it's only gotta be actual legit players still playing, hey look at that-one win... two wins... three wins... cheese loss, four wins, cheese loss. After replacing my controller and my sanity I usually swear it off again, repeat cycle.
    Just so I can get passed the first three tiers in BR for once in 30 or so tries, I'm half tempted at this point to try out bunt cheese just to see if it's as easy as many of us feel it is or if it actually does require some skill. I don't care if someone cheeses in a regular DD matchup as much, there is enough game there that 90% of the time I can combat it, get the lead and either they quit the majority of the time or I win. But in BR when the game is so condensed and random at times and things are "on the line", it's maddening. I could barely even focus during the elimination game last night I was still so enraged and got cheesed two games in a row. If they do manage to make changes if and where where idiots who bunt with slow, fat, power hitters are dead to rights I'll gladly take a crack at BR again next year probably with much better results. But if the likes of Teixeira, Papi, Fielder, Bautista, Gonzalez, etc can still bunt like Rod Carew and somehow burn ass and make it to first, I'll be done with BR for good, not even worth the frustration or the stubs for my bronze card and pack of commons.

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    Preemptive response, I am fully aware of the squeeze and that there have been historical instances of big bats laying down a sac bunt to tie or win a close, late and meaningful game. Mark Teixeira or Ortiz bunting with a bunt shift on in the 1st inning with two outs is pants on head stupid and should not work. Especially when I have a bronze pitcher on the mound, why the hell not hit the crap out of my crappy pitcher.