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  • Help!!!

    I can only beat teams on rookie and sometimes veteran and need to beat conquest does anyone have any tips plz help me

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    When you have to play on all star or harder, one thing you have to learn is patience. Let the ball come to you, don't chase out the zone, or you will get punished.
    If you have a strike on them, throw a slider to try, and get a second strike, and then once you have a second strike throw a change up. It seems like if you throw the fast ball or curve ball, the computer is waiting on it. Hopefully this helps.


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      I'm sure you are better now since this is 2 months ago but the answer is just time. That's it man. Watch video on YouTube for tips but the only thing that really will help is playing the game. Oh and play on a monitor if possible with zone hitting using wedge PCI. AND the rest is just baseball. Have fun.


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        when you get to reinforce and move stages load up on one location... you get a max of 99 fans per territory... guaranteed rookie games as the CPU teams typically have their fans distributed evenly with the exception of their stronghold(s)