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Can someone simplify Conquest for me?

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  • Can someone simplify Conquest for me?

    I haven't even messed with Conquest at all, but I want to begin playing it. Can someone simplify the goals/how to play Conquest? I'm sure it explains it on the game but I'm no where near my system right now.


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    get as many fans as possible by taking territory from the MLB teams, and taking over their strongholds to win Conquest by having more fans than them


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      It's like Risk, only you play 3-inning baseball games vs the opponent when you attack them.


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        Here's a very, very short video explaining it. There are other videos on YouTube explaining it too.


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          On your first few turns, expand out as much as you can to the empty territories. It's extremely similar to the board game Risk, and at the start of each turn you get bonus "troops" for each territory you occupy. So if you play the first couple turns right, you can really get a step up on your opponents.


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            Basically 4 phases,
            1-Attack- attack an adjacent territory to claim as your own, the goal is to own the whole map, once you are done with your attack you go to phase 2
            2-CPU attack, the CPU teams will then all go through there attack mode attacking others CPU teams as well as you. once complete phase 3.
            3 Capture- you can play any stronghold to weaken them and take fans along the way, you can play for more fans with increased difficulty level after the capture game
            4 Reinforce- you are awarded 1 fan for every 3 territories you currently own and you can also move fans from 1 territory to another (you are allowed to do this one time per cycle) then you start over at phase 1 until you conquer the map.