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Am I The Only One That Restarts After I Get A Few Strongholds?

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  • Am I The Only One That Restarts After I Get A Few Strongholds?

    I suck at the game(my record shows) and i always restart conquest after i get a few strongholds i havent gotten. with this stragtagy, ive picked up half the map in about a week. I only play games vs strongholds and skip the capture phase(because id get 6 reinforcements anyways) and then keep building up one spot. Am i the only one who does this and is this a good stratagy?

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    If you are just trying to get the strongholds for the mission completion then that might not be a bad idea but if you want the feeling of complete and utter domination you should just play it straight through... theres no better feeling than seeing your logo in all the strongholds and your fans covering every inch of the map


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      i dont completely dominate the map, but i make "railroads" that go straight for strongholds and then capture them all that way... once you get all of the strongholds you still get the mission achievement of manifest destiny... it looks kinda funny with a bunch of white (my team's main color) squares forming a line to each stronghold surrounded by a bunch of different colored squares from whatever team was near that


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        I aim to capture as many spots as possible then camp near strongholds. I can completely overtake the map without playing a single game.


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          I overtook the whole map without playing a game besides the strongholds in about 2 weeks