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  • Suggestion for a deeper Franchise experience

    After seeing teams like the Dodgers, Red Sox, Yankees, etc signing numerous international free agents, it would be great if this feature were to be added to Franchise mode. Many teams have built their farm systems with international signings. The current options available such as signing free agents, making impact trades, and of course the amateur draft are great ways to improve your team from the bottom up. With that in mind, adding the ability to sign international free agents would only add to the magnificent depth of this truly remarkable game.

    Thank you for your considerations,

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    And it would be great if you could offer longer contracts to free agents than just 1 year. If the FA isn't a real player, it's a 1-year deal...ugh. As well, having an option to extend one of your players' contracts in-season so they don't even get to the FA market would be great----and bring back the marketing from earlier versions!!! Building and improving concession stands, vendors, maybe even a restaurant, batting cage for kids, and promotion days would get someone deeper into franchise. When these things went away, franchise became boring and I stopped playing.


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      Just allow players to order the draft, like in NBA2K, I pick a team,and the other teams in my division have crap picks, which means crap teams I play 19 times in the season, and stop the whole top to bottom for each round ,give the option for a random or steady picks for the draft in each round, that way it can be fun playing teams in my division and even have a potential subway series in the end ,the whole draft process ducks big time


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        Change the draft process and give control to the player on who picks where!!!! It gets boring beating down teams that didn't have a good pick as me or have the good picks go to the other league, give FULL control to the player on the draft and no more flip flopping in each round, leave that as an option


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          Yea, franchise, season mode,whatever u play,it sucks, the teams in my division just keep losing on their own, I have a 16 game lead before the all star break, I'm not gonna loose that, need to change this cuz it's no fun, no drama , I even went on a 9 game losing streak and nothing from the other teams to catch up, they're all under .500 and are no competition, MVP baseball back in the day had it right, had rivalries games, season games of importance, made me wonder if I could win the division and make the playoffs, this is just boring and lagging, and it was the same thing with last yrs game