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new and trying to figure out Franchise...few questions

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  • new and trying to figure out Franchise...few questions

    Im new to the whole MLB The Show game and am loving the RTTS portion of it. I started a franchise (Braves) and am trying to figure out th whole thing. I know I can set the sliders but have no clue as to what they should be. I want it to be as close to reality as possible meaning that I want to be the one to call up players, send down players, make pitching changes, etc. I don't want have to play the field so I have that set to auto, but I want to pitch and hit. Anyone have any ideas on how to set this up so I can play it as the GM and hit and pitch?

    Second question is about online franchise mode...Im freaking lost wth it. Id love to play in an online franchise but have no clue what to do to get it started or join one. Ive attempted to join one but it tells me the I have to fill the roster first. Im lost. Anyone wanna hold my hand and help me out with joining an online franchise?



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    1. All sliders do is effect the gameplay on the field. They have nothing to do with roster moves. Download TNK's sliders from the valut. They are very good. But you may still want to tinker with them go get them to your liking. Set all roster related options to manual to ensure you have control of everything

    2. In the gameplay options there is an option in there to turn fielding on or auto.

    3. I play offline only, so I can't help you there but you have to select what roster to use when beginning any franchise. You can choose from a saved one from your hard drive, or the launch day rosters or the most up to day SECA roster