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Fantasy Legend Franchise, Reds Edition

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  • Fantasy Legend Franchise, Reds Edition

    Roster: All Franchise V4-some minor adjustments to power/contact/vision to numerous players.

    Draft: Fantasy (Reds had the 3rd selection)

    Sliders: Batting-Allstar(Human +1 Solid Hits) (CPU -1 Power). Pitching-Allstar-no adjustments other than dropping cpu power by 1

    Quick Counts-On


    Gameplay- every game

    Hello to all,

    I hope to make this a fairly regular update post if people seem interested. I am currently in the middle of May in this franchise, i have played every single game with quick counts on so far. It's been a blast getting to play with and against players that arent accessable in DD and younger prime versions of current stars. I chose the Reds due to the band box of a stadium they play in, so dingers are flying everywhere. First things first,

    THE DRAFT! I'll run down the top 4 selections just to get a glimpse of my mindset. The Reds had the 3rd overall selection so i was going for a true legend/impact player, with Bonds and Arod already off the board the selection was easy (giants fan here). Willie Mays, CF 99 overall. perfect blend of contact/power/speed/defense. 2nd Selection, being a snake draft i saw so many legends fall off the board inbetween pick 3 and 57 but i know this is my chance to grab 2 Aces back to back, so i went with Pedro Martinez 99 Overall in the 2nd round and Curt Shilling 97 overall in the 3rd. Two no doubt aces that can lead my staff through these ridiculously loaded lineups. In the 4th round, i kept with the thought of up the middle with the selection of Mike Piazza 98 Catcher. tons of pop, decent defense, and clutch hitting in the cleanup spot.

    Lineup and Stats through May 22:

    1-Bobby Abreu RF (89 overall, 135 ABs .311/.385/.526 7-HR, 19-RBI, 4-SB, 18/20-BB/K)
    2-Willie Mays CF (99 overal 164 ABs .256/.368/.537 11-HR, 23-RBI, 1-SB, 28/35-BB/K )
    3-Carlos Delgado 1B (96 overall 161 ABs .317/.364/.640 15-HR, 37-RBI, 11/34-BB/K)
    4-Mike Piazza C (98 overall 169 ABs .272/.366/.544 13-HR, 37-RBI, 22/36-BB/K)
    5-Garret Anderson DH (85 overall 20 ABs .300/.300/.550 1-HR, 2-RBI, 0/3-BB/K)
    6-Sammy Sosa LF (96 overall 141 ABs .220/.308/.496 11-HR, 23-RBI, 17/36-BB/K)
    7-Aramis Ramirez 3B (88 overall 67 ABs .254/.296/.433 4-HR, 10-RBI, 3/14-BB/K)
    8-Jimmy Rollins SS (97 overall 139 ABs .230/.305/.568 13-HR, 21-RBI, 5-SB, 13/19-BB/K)
    9-Brandon Phillips 2B (97 overall 129 ABs .225/.291/.535 11-HR, 18-RBI, 2-SB, 12/28-BB/K)

    Greg Vaughn- LF (88 overall 73 ABs .178/.318/.370 4-HR, 7-RBI, 14/20-BB/K)
    Bengie Molina- C (87 overall 43 ABs .186/.222/.256 1-HR, 2-RBI, 1/14-BB/K)
    Andres Galarraga- 1B (88 overall 126 ABs .214/.265/.508 11-HR, 21-RBI, 9/40-BB/K)
    Nomar Garciaparra- SS/2B/3B (84 overall 52 ABs .269/.345/.365 1-HR, 6-RBI, 6/12-BB/K)

    ---Other contributers currently in Minors

    Robin Ventura (reason sent down to AAA-poor defensive play) 89 ABS 3HR, 10RBI .247/.330/.404

    ----promising young talent not on roster

    -Bo Jackson LF-91, Mike Cameron CF-92, Mark Ellis 2B-86, Juan Pierre CF-85, Mark Loretta 2B-84, Brian Fuentes RP-83, Mike Sweeney 1B-83, Junior Spivey 2B-83, Matt Williams 3B-80, Marquis Grissom CF-80

    Rotation and stats

    Pedro Martinez 99 (5-4, 68 IP, 2.25 ERA, 0.87 WHIP)
    Curt Shilling 97 (2-2, 34.2 IP, 2.34 ERA, 0.92 WHIP Spent 4 weeks on DL)
    Josh Beckett 96 (7-1, 60.1 IP, 2.39 ERA, 0.86 WHIP)
    Jake Peavy 93 (3-4, 51 IP, 4.94 ERA, 1.29 WHIP)
    Mark Prior 91 (5-3, 59.1 IP, 4.25 ERA, 1.06 WHIP)


    Tim Lincecum 89 (4-0, 34.2 IP, 1.30 ERA, 0.81 WHIP)
    Dan Plesac (L) 90 (0-0, 8 IP, 1.13 ERA, 0.75 WHIP)
    Octavio Dotel 91 (0-1, 15.1 IP, 2.35 ERA, 1.30 WHIP)
    Brad Lidge 89 (1-0, 23 IP, 1.96 ERA, 0.74 WHIP)
    Fernando Rodney 90 (0-0, 11.2 IP, 0.0 ERA, 0.60 WHIP)
    Arthur Rhodes 89 (2-0, 9.1 IP, 0.0 ERA, 0.54 WHIP)
    Closer- Kazuhiro Sasaki 92 (1-0, 12.2 IP, 0.71 ERA, 0.87 WHIP, 11 SV)

    TEAM STATS REDS 30-15, 1st NL Central

    AVG-.252 27th

    RUNS-239 1st, 2 ahead of Rangers/Yankees

    HRs-106 1st, 12 ahead of Pirates/Diamondbacks

    SBs-12 29th

    BBs-164 3rd, 6 behind Rangers and 20 behind Giants

    ERA-2.62 1st, 2.92 Dodgers 2nd

    LEAGUE LEADERS, BA-Arod .364, HRs-Darryl Strawberry 18, RBIs-George Bell 43, SBs-Jackie Robinson 18, BB-Babe Ruth 29, WINs-Johan Santana 8, SV-Lee Smith 19, ERA-Sandy Koufax 1.92, K-Pedro Martinez 85

    So far its been an exciting and challenging season to play in such a small ballpark, my top 3 SPs are putting in major work and doing their job to keep the bullpen fresh but when its time for SP4 and SP5 to get their turn the pen is working overtime to keep the game close. Offensively its been a challenge facing so many aces but my main strength is hitting the long ball and working BBs so i try to stay within my strengths and just swing for the fences. Im slumping pretty hard with Sosa in the month of May so i made the move to call up Garrett Anderson on May 19th. i hope he can add a little more balance to my lineup and i can play the matchups with Sosa and Galarraga at DH. Currently waiting until the month of May is finished before i make any other call-ups but Bo Jackson/Mike Cameron are mashing up AAA pitching so may have to send Vaughn down to accomodate those sluggers. Also will probably have to do something with 2B and SS if Phillips and Rollins can't get their averages to at least respectable levels, i dont have a true backup behind them besides Nomar so hopefully they turn it around, although both are hitting for a ton of power.

    Hope you guys enjoyed my little rundown of my franchise, its been a blast playing every single game and I hope you guys like this and i will post as i finish up each in game week/series if i get enough feedback.
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