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    I've been playing The Show for several years. My favorite thing about baseball (video games and real life) is the whole GM experience and strategies. What I would absolutely love to be able to do in The Show is be able to manage a team the way I want without having to play every single game. I just finished reading Brian Kenny's book, "Ahead of the Curve" and it would be so cool if I had a way in The Show to manage my pitching staff using the "bullpenning" technique. For anyone who doesn't know, bullpenning is a revolutionary way to manage your pitching staff. It calls for starting a "relief pitcher" and letting him throw an inning or two (in the NL, until he's due up to bat and then pinch hitting for him) and then switching to a "starter" type to pitch the middle 4 or so innings, before going to more "relievers" as needed. I did this in The Show doing a fantasy draft and playing every game for about a month before I finally decided I would never get through a season. It just takes too long to play every game. I think this could be utilized in a video game if there were some strategy options and maybe telling the computer that when I simulate, I want each pitcher on my team to get about X% of innings pitched over the full season, and the innings I want that guy coming into the game. With that knowledge it can then use my pitching staff the way I want it to be used, without me actually having to play or manage every game. I'd also like similar options for my position players. You have your main lineup, but then maybe a depth chart position wise AND lineup wise and then it can determine who to play where and bat where when someone's energy is too low and the computer wants to give him a day off. Options for late inning defensive replacements would be cool too. And possibly (similar to the pitching %) set each player with a PA goal that the computer can try to reach over the course of a season. I would also like defense to play a larger role. Defensive Runs Saved and UZR would be great to see and have it make a difference in the game. I really think catchers should have a "game calling" skill and there should be some kind of chemistry rating between a pitcher and catcher that grows the more they work together. When the chemistry is low, the pitcher wouldn't necessarily have to be bad, but maybe he has a bigger chance at having a poor outing. The higher the chemistry rating, the more consistent they would be. Players should have a different defensive rating at every single position they play, and it should have effects in game. The more a player plays at a secondary position, the closer his rating gets to his primary position. As a Cubs fan, I've seen Joe Maddon move a lot of guys around. It would be really cool to be able to program the AI to mimic this in my franchise and be able to see guys' defensive ratings at different positions to maximize my lineup and defense.

    Other ideas not as related to the above: trade AI improvement. Mainly, declare buyers and sellers. Maybe even have a designation of buyer or seller when you look to make trades. It can be like a bar with "seller" on the left and "buyer" on the right. In April, everyone is in the middle. As the season progresses, each team moves toward one side or the other based on how their team is doing. If a team is a seller come mid July, then the AI will look to trade expiring contracted good players for prospects...

    As unlikely as it probably is, my biggest hope would be the option for expanding the league. I would love to be able to do a fantasy draft.

    In season contract extensions as well as opt out clauses, as have become prevalent the last couple seasons would be great.

    3 team trades as well as the option to be able to trade more than 3 players per side at once.

    I also think it would be super cool to be able to merge RTTS with Franchise so I can play with my RTTS player in my franchise universe. I'm sure this is very unlikely, but it would be awesome.

    Does anyone have any comments or anything to add? How likely do you think it is any of these ideas make it into a future game?

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    I also think that players decline way too fast. For example, I'm a jays fan but Jose Bautista barely has any value to me when I play franchise where in real life he is a big asset. He just declines way too fast, even if deliveres a godlike season. But it's not just a problem with old players, players who are just 28 for example start declining in their first season.