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Year to year saves for franchise offline

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  • Year to year saves for franchise offline

    I haven't tried the year to year saves yet for the last two games. I wanted to know if anyone knew if your actually schedule where you left off will transfer to that point in the new game? I started a franchise recently and was wondering how that works in terms of next years game,

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    picks up where you left off... so if you played MLB 14 The Show and was still in the 2014 season when you transfer the save to MLB 15 The Show you'll be in the 2014 season then if you take that save and move it you would still be in the 2014 season... names might change for non-SCEA players though as Derek Jeter sometimes doesn't retire at the end of the 2014 season and when I put the save in 2015 he had another name


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      yep like rome said, names change, all kinds of things change. have fun taking the time going back and fixing it all if its even possible to do so, the devs will advertise this broken dumpster fire of a feature yet another year in a row despite its lack of functionality


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        bump for developer accountability