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    I have been playing MLB The Show for years now. I have a PS4 just for this game. I spend hours customizing rosters/teams/players, just like if I owned a team. I love using the draft option when starting a franchise. It makes it feel like its my league, with different players on different teams. After playing this mode, it does need to be updated with abilities to interaction with the team more like other sports games, Madden & NBA 2K. Here is a list of some updates that I would like to see in this mode soon or next year. Hopefully the developers take some of this into consideration.

    Franchise Mode
    - Able to create a GM or Owner character that interactions with the team like in real life.
    - Interaction with players when discussing role changes, playing time, promotions/demotions, position changes, contracts, free agents, etc.
    - Being able to label your top prospects in your organization.
    - Choice how many games each season will be including number of innings played per game, similar to what you can do when starting a Season right now in the game.
    - Interaction with coaching staffs & scouts
    - Set ticket prices, parking prices, everything that has to do with the operations of a real Franchise.
    - Improved Offseason, the offseason in real life is a big deal & where teams are made.

    In Game Wishlist
    - Announcers/Presentation, talk about top prospects during games, discuss stats, who's hot who's not in the minor leagues (Including top prospects that were set as mentioned above)
    - Talk about demotions & promotions, moving from AAA to MLB & MLB to AAA for example.
    - Talk about injuries during broadcast, maybe booth announcers can send it down to a sideline announcer to talk more in depth about injuries, players that got hurt during the game, during warm ups, players on the DL, etc. Instead of having it where you read it as it is currently in the game.
    - Broadcaster talk about trades that happened, are happening & rumors.
    - Talk about Jackie Robinson Day, Fathers Day, Mothers Day. Right now in the game, you know its those days with the 42 on everyones jersey, pink & blue bats but actually talk about it briefly doing the game.
    - Talk about milestones & important MLB dates.

    Overall, I would love to see more control of the whole Franchise, if it was real life. I think this is the whole purpose of this game mode. I believe the In Game part of this just makes it all come to life. I play mostly sports games & I spend most of my time in Franchise mode. But this year in this game, I decided to play Season Mode because it gives you the option to pick how long the season will be & how much innings each game is. It makes the games/season go by fasting & you don't have to SIM as much games. It gives you realistic stats based on the gamers skills, not stats that were generated by the CPU. Not to mention, Franchise mode in this game doesn't have many options to really take control of your Franchise.

    I'm sure most baseball lovers will enjoy these improvements & it will take this game to another level. There isn't any other baseball franchise video game so I know there isn't any incentive to make big improvements but this will help keep MLB The Show fans connected. So there you go, these are just some ideas that will make a huge differences.

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    I'd love to see stat improvements actually reflect a player's strong season. Can't tell you how many times I've drafted Odubel Hererra in Franchise to see his stats DECLINE after finishing a season with a batting average over .300! The potential system is absolute **** and needs to be reworked to give players with low potential a chance to prove themselves. Love-love-love how the in-game tutorial even speaks about this, dem "breakout seasons" yet the stat improvements seem nothing but random whenever I simulate for testing purposes. Please tell me how Aaron Nola can pitch three consecutive seasons with an ERA under 3.00 and NOT have his stats drastically improve OR his potential increase? +2 and +3 in a few areas for basically being ace-material? Zero sense. Makes absolutely zero sense according to what they've implied is already in the game. Unless we were just flat-out lied to and it's mostly random, computer-based stat distribution. Potential shouldn't be on a letter grade, 0-99 system... perhaps take note from one of EA's games and create a system that accurately displays player skill WHILE showing what their potential skill-cap is. Also, stats needs to be more significant. In NHL17 the difference between a player having 90 Skating and 91 Skating is pretty noticeable. I'd love to see stats be heavier in The Show, would actually call for deeper decisions when drafting, trading, and extending contracts.

    I'd also love to set player expectations via contract and personal meetings; example... bench players are essential to a team's success in any sport, meanwhile we have a "depth" option via contracts which no MLB-calibur player gains positive moral from. Would love to see options such as "Utility" or perhaps "Bench" that imply a player will be on the MLB roster but servicing as more of a back-up or a pinch-player.

    And can we get some love for the vets in Franchise? Experience in real life means SO much to clubs and is EXTREMELY significant, yet in MLB The Show, you start to question any player over the age of 32. They should provide some sort of stat increasing bonus to younger players or a team in general! MLB service is clearly listed in a player's profile but it's a shame that the only purpose is for contract arbitration. Why not make MLB service more significant?


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      Originally posted by KeVsMooTh22 View Post
      - Talk about Jackie Robinson Day, Fathers Day, Mothers Day. Right now in the game, you know its those days with the 42 on everyones jersey, pink & blue bats but actually talk about it briefly doing the game.
      Thought the announcer did at least MENTION this on Stadium shot opener or some such thing?



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        I would love to see 20/80 scouting ratings across the board.

        Biggest thing I want to see is the retention of year to year stats for players in the minors with MORE STATS. I hate having to go based on the 0-100 ratings when they are deleted each year, I want to see how my players in the minors are progressing through their on field stats. With that said give me an option to turn off/hide the 0-100 ratings, I would love the option to decide signings, roster moves etc. based on their stats without being swayed by the drastic decrease in a 40 year old pitcher's ratings.

        Brings me to my next point, the rating changes.... still needs tweaking, how a 35+ year old player can go from an 80 rating down to a 60-65 rating in one year but a 22 year old propect on a tear might see a +3 in overall rating change is beyond me.


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          I'd like to see players potential ratings and a few other changes made to players when you carry over to a new game. For instance, there a ton of players who are badly under rated from 2014. I have to manually go in and change potential ratings and position changes for the entire league. This is very time consuming, but in the end it is worth it. It makes the game more realistic. I do this for every teams 40 man roster before I can even continue my franchise.


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            ok, it is the time we have kids in the outfield shagging balls in the home run derby. also, we need to be left handed umpires...

            there is a giant list in my head but not enough time to get into it... same as it ever has been and I will ex-sponged on it some to me over the next few days to give you all a peek inside my head...


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              Ok, here we go see how much of this list I can remember since I started it years ago..

              1. Individual batter vs Pitcher stats (season and career)

              2. Individual pitcher vs hitter stats (Season and career)

              3. Individual Hitter stats for every ballpark

              4.Individual pitcher stats for every park

              5. Batter stats during day vs night games at each park

              6. we still need left handed umpires

              7. kids shagging balls during Home Run Derby

              8. ball boys giving ball back to kids in stands once retrieved

              9. team vs team stats both home and road season and lifetime

              10. individual pitcher vs team stats home and road season and career

              11. a song randomizer built into sounds of the show so that we can give every player on every team a song.. if we so choose.

              12. introduction of each player and coach on opening day, all-star game, and during postseason for teams.

              13. showing any award presentations for player that received awards at their team's opening day game unless player is no longer on that team come opening day that next season

              like I said there are much more that have slipped my mind... but there is a look inside my head when it comes to what I want in my game...



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                Resign players in season

                Rebuild or upgrade stadium, if I could replace Rogers Centre or just add grass I'd be very happy.