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  • Best Roster?

    We all know what rosters are the most downloaded, highest rated, and most reliably updated in the vault year after year, but what roster set do you use for your franchise? How was your experience in the short term long term with player progression, team success, contracts and free agents...etc.

    If you want to see the roster set I'm working on in action, check out my live stream here
    Powerswingking Franchise Network

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    just playing stream is now
    Powerswingking Franchise Network


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      I created 90 fictional players with names the game can pronounce.

      My entire MLB roster and farm.
      All random names except for me at 2nd base (who I play locked to RTTS style 98% of the time), my best bud that I grew up with at SS, my number 3 pitcher Eddie Vedder (because I love Pearl Jam), and my closing pitcher Mike Tyson (fitting name for the punch out man I thought, lol).

      I started this project 2 or 3 weeks ago with the 2nd most current roster.

      I took a created player base model to work from, exported it from every position and all three pitcher types.

      Imported them over all my real Cubs, and began endless hours of editing attributes, names, looks exc.

      Wasn't always fun, but in the end, I was thrilled.

      Starting my franchise with all 18 year olds in Single A, 19 year olds in AA, 20 year Olds in AAA, and 21 year olds in MLB.

      All set to three year contracts except my ace pitcher, closing pitcher, my real life bud and me on ten year deals.

      Other than a handful of 'A' potential players, I set everyone else to 70 potential.
      I don't want the talent to get much better than I have it.

      And in three seasons I got see how many of these guys I can resign, lol.

      I also made a point to fix the rest of the league's rosters in regards to moving injured MLB players back to the MLB roster.
      Like Kershaw for example.

      I wanted the league to start as competitive as possible.


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        I was going to make a thread kind of like this. I'm looking an osfm style roster with full minor league rosters. I want the most up to date player attributes but opening day rosters.


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          I agree there is significant need for this thread, there are a lot of roster sets out there that are really cool and they are just titled "gggggggggg"