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Change franchise and season mode!

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  • Change franchise and season mode!

    Yea, franchise, season mode,whatever u play,it sucks, the teams in my division just keep losing on their own, I have a 16 game lead before the all star break, I'm not gonna loose that, need to change this cuz it's no fun, no drama , I even went on a 9 game losing streak and nothing from the other teams to catch up, they're all under .500 and are no competition, MVP baseball back in the day had it right, had rivalries games, season games of importance, made me wonder if I could win the division and make the playoffs, this is just boring and lagging, and it was the same thing with last yrs game, it's a cake walk to the world series and playoffs

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    well you are an idiot, but you are right that franchise mode needs real focus from the devs and not just new big add on features that dont function with all the existing framework