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Change the draft process in franchise and season mode

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  • Change the draft process in franchise and season mode

    Just like NBA2K, allow the player to place the order of the draft, all 30 picks, that way I can give the teams in my division a good pick, I've posted before, the teams in my division in a 162 game season all suck! In basketball I'll take a 5 or 6th pick, that way I play the best in my division and playoffs, it's more fun and competitive, and stop that flip flop of picks in each round ,just let the player choose to do it that way, or random pick selection in each round or keep the order the same , I mean it's too easy to win the division, so give more choices to the player to organize the draft (all picks) ,and give the option on how you want each round to go, that flip flop crap is dumb and the season then becomes boring! I'm from Ny, wouldn't mind giving the Yankees a good pick and the Mets for a possible subway series ,but give more control to the player, I mean we pay for the dam game ,let us decide how the draft works cuz this process sucks, I started playing the show last year and won it all, no competition for the division cuz all the teams except mine sucked