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The NY Yankees Franchise: 2016 and beyond..

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  • The NY Yankees Franchise: 2016 and beyond..

    TSN: Home of the New York Yankees Franchise
    Presented by: Madnmann319

    Hello everyone! Welcome to the home of the New York Yankees. I will be posting game/series updates of my franchise. I typically play all 162 games manually without any simulation, so we'll see if I choose to continue that trend or switch it up a bit. Been a die-hard Yankees fan since I was a kid and have used this team in Franchise since Shawn Green faced the cover of the MLB series, before "The Show" even existed. Same game though, right? Haha!

    I currently am 3 series, 9 games, into my franchise. So, my first post will pretty much be a series wrap-up and from there I will continue with series updates and/or game to game updates. I typically like to play my 'chise realistically, I don't make ridiculous trades or sign contracts that aren't likely to happen in real life. That doesn't mean you may not see something YOU personally don't think would happen, or even agree with, but we'll just have to wait and see what happens! Just as an example, A-rod obviously was not having a good year at the plate and the Yanks decided it would be best for him to put the bat down and work with management. If he under performs in my season, I will go ahead and take action with that, but if he's killing it, i'm going to keep him in the line up. So, everything that happens is based off of what happens in MY franchise. Again, trades and stuff like that will happen but nothing ridiculous.

    This franchise is set to Hall of Fame difficulty, with no sliders adjusted. The rosters are set to opening day rosters. I am playing on my Playstation 4. My plan with the 'chise is to complete this entire season and have it continue onto MLB 17: The Show. Hopefully I won't burn out and I can get a decent amount of interested followers to keep things lively. That's pretty much all I have for now. I think I mentioned my first post after this would be a wrap up of the first 3 series', but it will actually be a look at my line up, pitching rotation, bullpen, and bench. AFTER that, what i'll probably do is write up a quick recap of my first 9 games.

    Thanks for stopping by, hope you all will enjoy!

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    A look at my starting line up:

    J. Ellsbury - CF
    B. Gardner - LF
    A. Rodriguez - DH
    M. Teixeira - 1B
    B. McCann - C
    C. Beltran - RF
    S. Castro - 2B
    D. Gregorius - SS
    C. Headley - 3B

    And my pitching rotation:

    M. Tanaka
    L. Severino
    M. Pineda
    N. Eovaldi
    B. Mitchell

    Accompanied by the bullpen:

    C. Shreve - LRP
    N. Goody - MRP
    K. Yates - MRP
    J. Lindgren - MRP
    D. Betances - SU
    A. Miller - SU
    A. Chapman - CP

    Last, but not least, bench:

    A. Romine - C
    D. Ackley - OF
    A. Hicks - OF
    G. Bird - 1B

    There you have it! Now that you all are familiar with the team, the season is already underway and a post will be up shortly with a recap of the first 9 games!


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      The First 9 games of the 2016 season...

      4/4, 4/6, 4/7 -
      Vs. Houston Astros
      NYY win series 3-0

      I know the series sweep to start the season looks great and more than many would have expected, but it wasn't easy. The hits were minimal and if it wasn't for some outstanding pitching from the starters and the bullpen, things could have turned out very differently. The first game of the series, Tanaka started for New York and gave up just two runs on 6 hits in 7 innings. Only problem was, the Yanks couldn't get a hit. Keuchel, who took the mound for Houston, was dominating the game until the 6th inning where he ran into a bases loaded jam. And then, there was A-Rod. On a 2-2 count, Keuchel made his biggest mistake of the game as A-Rod smacked the ball to left field into the stands, which would be the only 4 runs scored by the Yankees that game, but it would be enough to secure the win for New York, 4-2.

      The second game of the series was a similar story. Phenomenal pitching by Luis Severino (3 runs, just 1 earned) and a solid job from the bullpen that included appearances by Betances, Miller, Shreve, and Kirby Yates (1-0), would again shine as the Yankees won 4-3. Houston outhit New York, 11-7, but that wasn't enough for a Yankees team that can still take a win by just a swing of the bat. This one took 13 innings, but in the end it was a walk off home run by Carlos Beltran that won the game for New York.

      The last and final game of the series, New York shined in all aspects. Although they managed just 3 runs, they did so off 6 hits which included solo shots from Tex and Castro, his first as a Yankee, and a sac fly from Gardner. Houston managed just 4 hits off Yankee starter, Michael Pineda. Pineda shined through 8 strong innings for New York, striking out 6 and walking none along the way, while keeping Houston off the board. Chapman entered in the 9th, striking out 2 and getting the final out on a pop up and New York went onto complete the sweep with a 3-0 victory!


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        The first 9 games of the season (cont'd)...

        4/8, 4/9, 4/10
        @ Detroit Tigers
        Detroit wins series 2-1

        It was a close game, but a 4-run seventh would ultimately be the deciding factor of the game as Detroit would hand New York their first loss of the season with a final score of 7-6. The bats really came to life for the Yanks this game as they managed 11 hits, matching the Tigers' total hits as well. Eovaldi started for New York and was able to keep Detroit to just 3 runs in 6 innings, but a high pitch count and the 9 hits he had against him ultimately chased him from the game. The Yanks went up 5-3 in the 7th, but in the bottom of the inning, Betances found himself in a bit of trouble and Detroit was able to put a 4 spot on the board, giving them a 7-5 lead. The Yanks were able to get one more run in the top of the 8th from Beltran, his THIRD home run of the game, but the Yanks came up short and wound up losing 7-6.

        New York found themselves in another extra inning game, their second in just the first 5 games of the season and they were looking to get another extra inning win just like they had done already. With terrific pitching performances from both Yankees' starter, Bryan Mitchell and Tigers' starter, Michael Fulmer, it looked as if anyone could win this game. Both starters gave up just two runs, on 4 hits, in 7 innings of work. Completely identical. With a runner on second for New York in the top of the 12th, McCann was pinch hit for by Austin Romine. Romine turned on the first pitch of the at bat and the ball soared in the air into the left center gap and the run scored. Shreve pitched for New York in the bottom half (Chapman had been used in the 10th) and finished Detroit off. Yanks win, 3-2.

        Another low hitting game for the Yanks and what typically happens when you don't hit? You don't score runs. That is exactly what happened to New York as Detroit was able to secure an easy 3-0 shutout victory and win the series, 2 games to 1. The only XBH for the Yanks came off A-Rod's double, but the other 4 hits were weak singles that were never able to get the Yanks a rally going. A great pitching performance by Tanaka was spoiled, giving up 3 runs, 1 unearned, accompanied by 8 strike outs in 7 innings of work. Shane Greene, who started for Detroit, pitched 8.2 phenomenal innings, giving up just 5 hits and allowing 1 walk, while striking out 4 to earn him his first win of the season. Francisco Rodriguez came in to get one out in the 9th and earned the save.


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          The first 9 games of the season... (Cont'd)

          4/12, 4/13, 4/14
          @ Toronto Blue Jays
          Yanks win series 2-1

          The Yankees finished the first game of the series with 6 extra base hits, including a home run from Gardner and Teixeira. After a spectacular pitching performance from Luis Severino against Houston in the second game of the season, where he got the no-decision, he finally earned his first W of the 2016 campaign. In 7.1 innings, he gave up just 2 earned runs on 6 hits while striking out 6 and walking one batter. Yates was called upon to get the final two outs of the 8th after Severino surrendered his first two runs of the game, where he came out unscathed. Into the bottom half of the 9th, Chapman came in and set all 3 batters down to record his 3rd save of the season.

          The incredible pitching performance this team has been showing continued into the second game of the series against Toronto. Pineda, who shut Detroit out in 8 innings of work last time out, continued his dominance on the mound this time out. Pineda went another 8 innings, striking out 7 and giving up just two hits. One run was scored by Toronto, but it was unearned. Pineda recorded his second win and has yet to give up an earned run. Chapman came out in the 9th to secure the victory and earned himself his fourth save of the season. Gardner and Teixeira homered in their second straight game and this time, Beltran joined them with a home run of his own. Headley also contributed with an RBI in the Yankee victory. Final, 4-1.

          The Yanks entered the final game of a 3 game set against Toronto on the verge of another sweep in just 9 games. Unfortunately for New York, the offense was non existant, although Eovaldi pitched a beautiful game. The Yankees only recorded 2 hits for the entire game, a single by Ellsbury in the 6th and a single by Gardner in the 9th. J.A. Happ took the mound for the Jays and had one of the best pitching performances of his career and also earned him his first win of the 2016 campaign. He had Yankee hitters looking silly at the plate, striking out 6 and allowing just 2 hits in 8.2 innings of work. If it wasn't for a high pitch count and a single by Gardner with two outs in the 9th, Happ could have easily got the complete game shut out. Nonetheless, the Jays' opted for relief pitcher Roberto Osuna to record the final out of the game. On a wild pitch to A-Rod, Gardner was able to advance to second. With A-Rod up to bat and already 6 strikeouts under his belt for the series, he was looking at a chance to get his team on the board and avoid the shut out. The pitch was a 94 MPH fastball, right down the middle, and A-Rod swung right over the ball as it sailed into the catchers mit. Game over, Toronto wins 2-0.


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            UPDATE: Sorry everyone, I was on vacation the past week and made a last minute decision NOT to bring my PS4. I did, however, manage to get a few games in from where I left off with the updates before I left...I may just show the scores and add in the key players of each game without going into much detail. Posts will be up between today and tomorrow!