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  • Manipulating roster

    I just drafted my first team in dynasty mode and I'm playing my first spring training game. I can't seem to find a way to put some of my starters into the bullpen so I can warm them up. I'd like to have at least two starters pitch three innings each during early spring training games. Also, it seems as if the CPU automatically dictated my 25-man roster instead of letting me do it. Can you guys provide some guidance on these matters? Thanks

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    When you go into your bullpen, hit (I think it's R1, might be R2) to flip the screen from bullpen guys to starters who didn't start that particular game.

    As for the roster control, that needs to be set to MANUAL and not AUTO for you to have control. You might have to do this in the initial settings when making a franchise, I'm not sure if you can just change it whenever you want, but it makes sense that you should be able to.