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  • New Draft League

    As the title says, looking for active players for an online franchise.

    League Details

    *30 Teams, Divisional format

    29 Game seasons

    2 Series Flex with advance every 3 days. Meaning there are 3 series open at a time to play games from and the oldest series advances every 3 days.

    *Team Selection will be determined by a user "draft" were all users will be placed in a pool and randomized on a live stream. Players then choose teams in order. Time for draft will be determined when league is full.

    *Rules- game settings will be decided by the league. Generally we reserve the right to kick people for cheesing/causing conflict in chat/missing a large number of games.

    Groupme Required. Half the fun of these leagues is the social aspect. The chat will be very active and possibly not appropriate for all ages. If a couple hundred messages a day (the app has a mute function, so it won't be going off at all hours) doesn't sound like your cup of tea then you might reconsider applying.

    Leave a reply with your groupme email (or PM me if you're worried about privacy) and your PSN. See you on the field!