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No, my name is 'Ernie' ......Days in the Life of Milwaukee Brewers' GM Ernie Brewer

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  • No, my name is 'Ernie' ......Days in the Life of Milwaukee Brewers' GM Ernie Brewer

    Hello and my name is Ernie Brewer, I'm generally managing the Milwaukee Brewers on a "Playstation 4 system" in "MLB The Show 16". All events depicted in the following pictures and writing are otherwise completely real events/stories/gameplay...

    I'd like to welcome you to the story of an incredible journey..
    It is a story of faith, of pain, of courage...
    A story of hope, of love, and more than anything...good ole fashioned baseball..

    Ernie Brewer is the General Manager of the 2016 Milwaukee Brewers...

    He is a father, a son, a brother, a recovering

    This is his story..

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    Show Nation,

    Tonight Ernie's tenure in the limelight begins, it's Opening Night!

    We have not heard much regarding Rookie Milwaukee GM, Ernie Brewer since team officials announced the agreement at a press conference Wednesday morning. Today however, there are several unconfirmed reports out of Milwaukee that Ernie Brewer has been working tirelessly around the clock to familiarize himself with the brand new organization. He 'I know for a fact he has not slept in at least three days' said one source close to the team clubhouse.

    Ernie Brewer will be doing a very special LIVE STREAMING EVENT!

    - 720p 60 FPS Live Streaming Quality Goodness
    - Brief franchise set-up and custom settings discussion
    - Ernie Brewer calls it live on Youtube Gaming -- Interact with the GM throughout the entire full 3-game home opener vs. SF Giants. Ernie will answer live chat questions from fans and share stories and insights from his path to becoming the top dog in the Milwaukee Front Office.

    Join and interact with Ernie as he hopefully sweeps the series, shares thoughts on current state of affairs as things kick off across Major League Baseball, and examines hypothetical solutions to some of the club's important upcoming decisions to be made.

    If three years of non-postseason baseball occur on Mr. Brewer's watch, he will be fired.