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  • General questions about using options

    Hello everyone, I have a general question about using options (sending players up and down, not contract options). It seems that when spring training ends it counts sending people to AAA as a use of an option, is there any way to prevent this besides simply not having players on your 40 man roster? (Which allows them to be claimed in rule 5 draft, not to mention needing to call people up for injuries) Furthermore after spring training the computer undoes everything I did for setting the roster and it sends people up and down, forcing some of my players onto waivers. How do I prevent this? The only computer option I have set to auto is the hiring managers.

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    Any time during the year including spring training a player is sent down to the AAA if they have options available it will use one. Once a player has used an option during the year they can be called up and sent down as many times as you like without using an option during that year.

    Do you have your 25 man roster set before advancing to the regular season? As long as you have your 25 man roster set and minor league rosters set then it shouldn't adjust anything.


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      Does yours automatically put all your 40-man guys on the active roster to start spring training? Mine does, and I then have to send them down, which forces me to use an option. Is there any way to prevent this? Or will the '17 version allow for non-roster invitees?