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How many games do you give a struggling player before dropping them?

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  • How many games do you give a struggling player before dropping them?

    Im pretty new to the management side of things in baseball, and Ive started a franchise with the Dodgers. Josh Reddick and Yusmani Grandal are really struggling - both around .150. Its nearing the end of April. Just wondering how many games I should give these guys before removing them from the starting line-up?

    In general, what is a good time frame in baseball to ascertain how good a player is and to work out what areas on your roster you might need to trade in someone?

    Appreciate your help.


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    It depends on the player, but I would wait at least until the end of may before sending those players down to the minors or trading them, its a long season.


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      Depends on a few things, What's the player's track record? Could just be a slump and will soon turn things around. Like I run with my Orioles and Adam Jones has been terrible to start the year, batting around .180 but now at the end of May he seems to be pulling out of it his average is up to around .220. Do you have a replacement for them? I know the Dodgers have plenty of outfielders but I don't know much about their catching situation.

      I would give things another month for Grandal as I don't think the Dodgers have much catching depth behind him that would be much better. With Reddick, I know dodgers have plenty of outfield depth so whenever you feel it's necessary to start to pull that trigger I would.

      In regards to a trade, most trades don't happen until July but if you feel you need make a move right now then do it. I traded for Carlos Gonzalez in year 1 of my Franchise at the end of May in my Franchise. Gave up a lot for him but it all worked out well.