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Question about renewable contracts

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  • Question about renewable contracts

    Im doing a franchise with the Oakland A's and in the year gone I traded for Kyle Schwarber, and he pretty much carried us to a pennant (we lost to the cubs in the world series). When it came to renewing his contract (he isn't at arbitration stage yet), I wanted to offer him a 4-5 year deal, however he refused to sign it. I thought the game would prompt me that he hadn't accepted my offer so I could just renew his contract, however it just let him go to free agency.

    The same thing happened with an awesome first year starting pitcher aged 19, A potential, 78 rating - I wanted to offer him a contract taking him all the way to the end of his arbitration period. Again, no notification that he didn't accept and he went to free agency.

    I picked both up again immediately as free agents, getting Schwarber for a long term deal on a million a year (less than what I offered) and my pitcher on about the same amount.

    Is letting high quality players with renewable contracts go to free agency a common thing in real baseball?

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    Pay attention to #4 & #10 in this link: